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Business index

Serial peak in the index of business environment

2015 could be particularly important in terms of the development of businesses in the country. Registered in the first semester expressed positive trend in the index of business environment does not appear isolated phenomenon, but - on the contrary, continues to grow steadily. For the first time since 5 years in both semesters index of business environment is on the rise, and also for the first time since the crisis began in 2008 throughout the calendar year sustainable index above levels accepted for base 2005.

All this creates a certain optimism that companies in Bulgaria feel quite stable. Fact is that for 10 years has only three semesters in which the index value was higher than currently registered. Such peak of the index is the clearest reflection of the general state of business in the country, the process of slowly positive change (after the crisis of 2008) was observed in the last three years.

Especially significant is that the key to the positive development of the index of business environment are some factors that most directly connect with the specific dimensions of business performance. It should first be noted that noticeably increased positive expectations for revenue of companies. The very fact that prior to the generally less favorable for the economy cold season even at this point there is growth, clear evidence of the growing confidence of Bulgarian companies. Secondly, it is noticeable that visibly reduces the share of companies that declare they have significant case of late payments of their counterparties. The issue of inter-company debt in recent years, is considered one of the very serious problems in the economy, and that currently the share of companies that do not have any overdue receivables reached its highest level in 10 years, is an encouraging sign.

"The drop tar in honey" turns the problem of unemployment.The only indicators that suffer negative growth compared to the previous half-year are related to the need for additional staff, the probability of hiring and firing workers. Unfortunately, herein it turns out that in the most positive option in the coming months, unemployment may remain at the current level. In more realistic - even a small increase.

The data are from a nationally representative to business survey conducted in November 2015 among 500 managers of companies.