New Data

Fuels and petrol station chains

In 2011 was registered the lowest among all the values of the average monthly volumes of fuel used by passenger cars in the country. Since then, the total monthly consumption is growing steadily, as reported at the end of 2015 result was almost 8% higher than the previous year. Objective reason for this growth is rooted mostly in substantial increase in the total number of passenger cars used by the population due to the significant number of purchases (mainly - second-hand) during the year. Such growth is undoubtedly has beneficial effects of sales of gas station chains, but not all of them were able to adequately exploit from favorable conditions.

When testing the loyalty of consumers to petrol station chains, over a quarter (28%) recognize their loyalty, using the services of one single chain, their share is growing compared to the previous year. At the same time is reduced - by more than three quarters of all, the use of two or more petrol station chains. "Hardening" the contact of users with chains is fertile ground for the growth of market resistance to those chains that have managed to increase their solid core of clients at least the average rate for the sector. However, this increasing loyalty makes it harder to attract customers from competitors.