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Use of mobile communications and mobile phones

Undoubtedly, the use of mobile services as a means of communication is an integral part of the life of Bulgarian citizens - the penetration rate of mobile operators among the adult population in the country in 2015 was 93%. Only 7% say they do not use mobile services. Such a density of use of mobile communication creates good opportunities to reach consumers - especially considering the fact that more and more increasing share of smartphone users.

A very high is the percentage of mobile service users who are limited to use only one service provider. Although the data for aggregated huge number of SIM cards issued by mobile operators, it turns out that actually Bulgarian consumers are very loyal to the incumbent operator that actually use (whether acquired SIM cards of other mobile operators). Relatively small proportion of mobile service users - 11% were stimulated (or have need to) use two or more mobile operators.

The total share of citizens who have stopped using the services of a particular mobile operator at the end of 2015, oscillates around 7% of all users of mobile communications. Basically, this share does not seem particularly high. However, considering the individual market shares of mobile operators actually real refusal rate (in whole or redirecting to another main operator, keeping old as complementary) is significant enough to cause a noticeable change in the market weight of individual operators.